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Conor C

Can you tell me the difference between the AP2 and the new AP2 710???

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  1. Titleist Clubs - CS Lead

    Hi Conor - 

    There are subtle differences in the 710 AP2.  The new Tuned Feel System is a co-molded medallion of soft elastomer and aluminum plate. This insert has been specifically designed to improve the sound and feel of each new iron. For the new AP2, a softer, more solid feel is achieved.

    Also, the bounce angle on the 7,8,9,PW,GW for the new AP2 has been reduced by 1 degree which has created performance gains in feel and turf interaction.


  2. MLA1157

    The above being said what is the difference between the AP2 710 and the AP2 720? How many more months will the AP2 720 be manufactured; planning on purchasing within 90 days unless I nned to do so sooner.

  3. Don O

    The AP2 712 series won't be replaced until about this time in 2013 as the 714 series.  They were last released around December 2011.

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