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716 ap2/tmb combo

William A

Looking for ideas for blending tmb with my current 716 ap2 set. I'd like to replace my 3-5 iron. Any suggestions on what to expect when I go into the store to demo the tmb vs my current ap2. I know the lofts are stronger on the tmbs. I also feel like they may be longer and more forgiving than the ap2 long irons. I'm worried about proper gapping issues using a launch monitor to determine distances.

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  1. Chris Hatem

    make a table of your desired setup (lofts) then when you test them add the yardages
  2. Luke R

    Hi William,

    I have a combo set. 716 T-MB 3 and 4 iron. 716 AP2 5 and 6 iron. 716 CB's 7 through PW bent 1* strong. Love this set! T-MB's are an amazing long iron club and very easy to hit!
  3. William A

    Thanks, I'm going to hit them this weekend and see if I can get more height/carry out of the long irons and then I'll make a decision. I'm hoping the 3 and 4 iron will be easier to carry 200+ yards than my current 716ap2's.
  4. Luke R

    Good luck this weekend. I think you will really like the results you get in the T-MB's. LMK how it goes and what you think...
  5. Quinn J

    Just ordered a Set of Ap2’s 6-pw With a tmb 5 iron , what should I expect from the 5 iron ?

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