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716 T-MB Tip Diameter?


Hello, I'm looking to reshaft my 716 T-MB 2 iron with a s400 and I was wondering if the tip diameter is .355? I haven't been able to find this information on the google/titleist website.

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  1. Chris T., Club Concierge

    Hi Bryson,

    You are correct. All of our current irons use .355 taper tip shafts.
  2. BWong

    Thanks, Chris.
  3. Doug R

    I played with a guy today that had a Graphite Design shaft in a Titleist T-MB 2 iron. I want to put one in my T-MB 3 iron to help get a higher trajectory. The TMB has a .355 taper tip and the Graphite Design shaft has a .370 tip in their hybrid shaft. So how did that work?
  4. Robert C

    Could it be possible to grind down the tip to fit? Or perhaps a different hybrid tip to fit the .370 diameter?

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