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Project X Hzrdus shafts

Guy R

Does anyone no if the Project X Hzrdus, Black, Yellow & Red will be a custom shaft option for the new 917 Drivers & Fairways?

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  1. ISplisgardt

    It will be an option but you'll have to pay for the upgrade
  2. Barry B

    The current Custom Options booklet only lists the Black 65 & 75 shafts. I guess you'll need to wait for the next update to see if the Yellow and Red are added or maybe Cathi or Chris has the answer.
  3. Chris92009

    They are available in the custom options book by Titleist.
  4. Barry B

    I'm guessing you have, or have seen, a newer version than the one available through the custom options link here on the website. The on-line version still shows only the Black 65 & 75.

  5. chris b

    The Black is available now. The Yellow will be available later in the year. As of now, they have not tested the Red yet.
  6. Rob_Roth1

    I got a yellow in my 917 fairway wood - I love the counter balance

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