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Yardage gapping sugggestions please!

Ryan E

My carry distance on my 716cbs from my 7iron which i carry 149 down to my 60deg lob wedge which i carry 53 is 16 yards give or take a yard. My problem is my 6iron then carries 180 which is a huge gap from my 7iron and my 5,4 , and TMB 2iron all carry 190. Then my gapping is normal again with my 3wood which i carry 215. Does anybody have experience with this. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Gabe B


    I would suggest getting your lofts checked. It seems odd the those three irons would carry the same distance and that there would be such large gaps in the more lofted clubs. Did you get fit for these irons? If so I might suggest going back and asking for the specs of each club to ensure the lengths lofts lies and shafts are correct.
  2. Jake R

    Work on your launch angles. If you can hit a 6-iron 180 Yards, then you should be able to hit a 7 about 168. This means that for all your short irons and wedges you are launching the ball super high and not maximizing your swing speed with smash factor. Work on launching you short clubs lower and don't be afraid to swing at your longer irons with a bit more swing speed.
  3. Chuck Z

    Might want to have the lofts checked on your irons. Normal yardage gapping is 10-15 yards between clubs.
  4. Joe M

    Have to agree with getting your lofts checked and adjusted to achieve your desired gapping.
  5. B.A.

    You are making very different swings with all of those clubs and are all over the place (been there myself). There is a chance your lofts are off, but mixing a set of CBs and TMBs, you have to adjust the lofts to get an ideal mix for your game as the TMB is stronger and the CB is a little weak. You could try making some of your CBs slightly stronger to blend it better, like the 7-pw. Hitting a full 60 only 53 yards, you may not even want that club as well as the TMB 2, which you hit the same as the 5.

    That's clearly a good swing with the 6i, so perhaps something that would help you is making your set all one length shaft and use the 6i length. That's becoming more popular and could help make the same swing.

    Good luck!
  6. B.A.

    I also forgot to mention... there is a HUGE amount of variation in distance if you don't hit the sweet spot on the CBs. There are pretty forgiving in that you don't lose all the distance, but an off center hit will lose like 15-20% of the distance (my own estimate. Try some impact tape, or Dr Scholls, or I use the beige painters tape with the grey label inside the roll. You can see where you hit it and the sweet spot in just inside of center.
  7. Ryan E

    B.A. - did some experimenting after reading your comments and borrowed a 58 and 54 degree wedge- picked up around 10 yards from my 60and 55 combo which also brought my gaps to 12yards from 58 thru 9 iron coincidently.

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