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Extra weights

Ryan M

Wondering how I go about purchasing some different weights? I'd like to move back to my standard hossle position and 9.5 degree loft but add a heavier weight for more draw.

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  1. JReeter

    Here your Titleist pro will be able to order them.
    Post Image
  2. Chris92009

    You can purchase individual weights or a weight kit for your driver or fairway metal. Simply visit your Titleist Golf Shop and they can accommodate you!
  3. 19hole

    What type of clubs are you asking about? If it a 917, just remove the neutral weight and put in the draw weight that came with the club. Heavier doesn't really mean more draw, but it will increase the swingweight. I have seen people go to heavier swingweights and lose distance and actually push the ball a bit.
  4. Chris T., Club Concierge

    Hi Ryan M,

    You are able to purchase 917 weights from any authorized Titleist retailer in your area. It is rare for golf shops to keep these in stock; however, they can place a special order on your behalf through our customer service team. Please reference this link if you need assistance finding someone local:

    Please note weights are either sold in pairs (one neutral and one draw/ fade of the same nominal value) for a MSRP of $40 or as an entire weight kit for $180. Changing the weight will have minimal influence on launch, spin, or overall trajectory. CG SureFit Weights are designed to adjust the feel or swing weight of the club while producing the same trajectory regardless of the weight being used; hence, a 16 gram weight should not produce more or less draw/ fade bias than an 8 gram version.
  5. Ryan M

    Great info. Thank you very much. I did receive the neutral and the draw/fade so I guess I will leave well enough alone! Thx.

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