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Titleist Thursday


I've been waiting all winter for a chance to get fit for a 917 driver. I finally got an appointment for this Thursday and can not wait. I hope the weather is good. I wish I had a new bag tag to go with my driver.

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  1. Ricky H

    Went to a titleist event in early April. I got fitted foe the 917D2 driver. Ordered it 2 weeks ago, picked it up this morning! Can't wait to try it out. Hopefully I can order the 917 F2 and the 2 hybrids I was also fitted for soon. Thanks Ben Hynson and Titleist!
  2. etakmit

    Good luck! I hope the weather holds out for you. We've had a horrible spring (cold and rainy) but the one day my course held a Titleist demo event it was 75 and sunny! I ended up with a new FW! It was clearly meant to be :)

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