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Driver Shaft fitting

Nathan B

Trying to decide on what Driver/Shaft combo to order for a friend in the new 917 Driver and was curious if someone from Titleist would be able to give me a recommendation. All I have from him is he plays Nippon Pro Modus 105 X Flex's in his AP2 irons and had an average swing speed with his 6iron of 95mph and a tempo of 4.00.. so not much with regards to his Driver swing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. colin b

    He should try and get to a fitting day and get to try various shafts out till he finds the correct one that suits him
  2. rob m

    Have him go to a Titleist Thursday fitting for the driver. I did & it was well worth the time.
  3. Don O

    You'll hear this from other posters as well - the 917s need to be fit to the player. Even with the same head speed, other factors such as transition rate, angle of attack, and swing path will likely result in far different head lofts/shafts as being the best for each player. I doubt that any retailer in the US would have fitted me (low-mid 80's swing speed) for a stiff shaft but Oceanside did. I'm now splitting fairways and 20 yards longer than with the 913/R-Flex I fitted myself.
  4. greg p

    Why not have him get fitted? Titleist makes it easy with their fitting events and most shops with fit for N/C with a purchase.
    Too big a purchase to guess on what would be the best head/shaft combo.
  5. Emil S

    Hi Nathan!
    If it's a gift you might give him the gift of a driver-fitting instead :)

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