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Demo Day Experience

Ed S

Yesterday Titleist and 3 other vendors came to my club in southern New Jersey for demo day. I wanted to share a few words about my experience.

I booked the appointment through my club pro with Titleist several weeks back. At that time I inquired on this forum as to the availability of a particular shaft I wanted to try (KBS Tour FLT). A TT representative promptly responded that the shaft I wanted was not in their fitting cart but to have my club pro reach out and Titleist would ship from their shaft library to my course. As promised, that shaft was there when I arrived for the fitting.

Brent introduced himself and we discussed what I was looking for. I explained that I had never owned Titleist clubs before but had recently tried the AP2's with a few different shafts. I told him I intended to go with an H1 3-hybrid, AP1 4 iron, and AP2 5-PW. We tried a variety of shaft options and low and behold that KBS Tour FLT ended up being the perfect match. As I was about to head over to one of the other manufacturer's tents to test woods, Brent politely suggested I try out the 917 D2 and F2. I tested them and liked them, but my preconceived notion about what woods I wanted still sent me to the other tent. What I found with the other manufacturer was two far less professional and knowledgeable representatives and product that was (for me) no better than Titleist. So I ended up going with the 917 D2 and F2 as well.

During the fitting Brent wrote down detailed notes and specs. He promised he would email them to me in the evening. He did just that. I expect my club pro to submit the order today and then I will try to wait patiently.

So the takeaway for me was that the Titleist experience really exceeded my expectations at every opportunity. Brent in particular is an asset to Titleist and I'd strongly suggest that anyone in the NJ area try to find a demo day in which he is working. I believe he does Titleist Thursdays at Indian Springs in Evesham, NJ. Thanks again. You have gained a loyal customer.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Ed, We are glad to hear that it worked out so well for you. Thank you for letting us know about the fitting with Brent and your recommendation! I forwarded your note to him and I'm sure it will make his day brighter :)
  2. Dakota

    Titleist offers excellent customer service. I had negative comments about the 917 Driver and woods, and even wrote a review about it. A TT representative reached out too me and is setting me up at some point to get the full experience of the 917 before I make a purchase. Glad to see they take care of all their customers, that's what keeps me coming back.

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