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Cost of clubs in 'through the bag fitting' excluding putter



I know it will obviously vary on clubs selected etc but what is the average cost for a through the bag fitting excluding the putter? somewhere in the 2-2.5k range i guess but just wondered what people had paid out.


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  1. Ed S

    Yes, that range sounds generally correct to me assuming no major shaft upgrades.
  2. MARK P

    I just went thru a full fitting at Oceanside and did get 13 clubs driver 3 wood 5 wood with an up charge on the shafts in the 3&5 woods 1 hybrid 5-9 ap2 4 vokey wedges . I bought the clubs from my country club pro shop and they cost around $4000
  3. Don O

    I was thinking $2500 as a number, but $2800-3200 with AP1s is more realistic number. 400 driver, 1000 for 1 fairway/3 hybrids, 800 for 5 irons, and 500 for 3 wedges, before taxes and delivery. Now that I think about putting together a new bag last year across 4 purchases! Good thing my wife doesn't read this...
  4. John B

    Wow $4K - that's out of my league! I love golf and have been playing since I was 10 (45 years). I would love to have a fitting like that someday, but at the same time there are some basic fitting numbers everyone should know and it won't cost that much. By asking questions and learning your numbers you can dial in pretty well - my handicap is 4 to 5 and I can't believe at this point spending $4K will lower my scores. I don't have the disposable income to replace my wedges every 75 rounds and other suggestions. I'm still playing SM5s. Buy good equipment and balls (Titleist!) and it will last longer and perform well longer than you think.
  5. greg p

    If you are talking fitting fees alone, it should be around $350. Some shops will include it in the cost of the equipment if you order through them.

    I've done woods and irons through Titleist Thursday sessions. Quality advice and the cost was even better....$0.00.
  6. Amanda S

    I paid 417 for 3 wedges. Waiting to get info from the club pro on 6 AP2's and driver/3-wood. He got to go out and play Oakmont yesterday (Thursday).
  7. TonyF

    After getting fitted and "testing" all the big names, 716 AP1 was the clear winner.
    Here's the breakdown. 3-W1, 1/2" long, OS grips $1200, Cobra Driver (sorry) $350 Cobra Fairway $180 Not including a putter, $1730 total and I have a great set of clubs that will serve me for years to come. $4000 sounds a little steep unless your buying C16's. +-2 Grand should buy you an outstanding set of Titleist. GET FITTED FOR CLUBS! I was amazed at what I learned.
  8. Dan G

    I'm sold on fitting after my session in Sept with my AP2 irons 4-W my 2 Vokey MGrind 54 bent to 55 and 60 wedges and my Cameron Newport 2.0 putter. Still getting used to the longer irons but the lower ones are dialed in. A lighter shaft made all the difference and the pro nailed it. I'll have these sticks for a long time so the 2 hr fitting and cost well worth it

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