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Getting 716 AP1 - Bent Flat


Hi All,

I have a set of 716 AP1 irons 4I-PW, AW in a XP90 - Regular. I was analyzed to need my irons bent 2 degrees flat (due to by swing plane, height, etc.).

Can I send them to Titleist Canada to have bent?

Or do you have recommended Club Benders in the London, Ontario area?

Your response is greatly appreciated!



2 Replies

  1. Robert L

    Standard golf shops that do grip/shaft installs should be sufficient to get the job done.
  2. Emil S

    As Robert said you should be able to go into a pro shop and have them help you out. It should always be checked as newly delivered clubs doesn't always have the correct lie (it can even vary from club to club in the set).

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