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Driver Weights for 917 D3

Thomas K

My 917 9.5 D3 driver just arrived. I ordered the club with a 50 gram ladies shaft and have put in my own Aldila stiff Rogue shaft. I'll put the ladies shaft in my 915 D3 head.

When I swapped out the shafts I found the 915 with the 50 gram ladies shaft swings at D1 which will be perfect for my daughter. But the new 917 with the Rogue shaft swings at D5, a little too heavy for me. I received the club with the 10 gram weights; what weight will I need to get to get the new club to swing around D0 or D1? How much will the 8 gram weight change the swingweight?

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  1. Ringgo W

    Please try without the weight.
  2. Thomas K

    Removing the 10 gram weight would probably reduce the swingweight from D5 to C6 or 7. Instead I put a 2 gram weight on the head and saw what that weight would do to change the swingweight. And, as you'd expect, the swingweight increased about 1.5 points. So I pulled the grip and tried on some various weight grips that I have sliced to see how swingweight might change. Moving to a heavier grip, a Golf Pride MCC Cord Oversize, reduced the swingweight from D5 to D3. I then cut .25" off the top of the shaft, installed the new grip and now the club is D1. I suppose all this shows that swingweight is not very important.
  3. RWidjaja

    An accepted rule of thumb is that increasing or decreasing the weight of the clubhead by 2 grams will increase or decrease the swingweight by 1 and the same impact would be achieved by adding or subtracting 5 grams to or from the grip and 9 grams to or from the shaft. Altering the length of the shaft by 1/2 an inch will move the swingweight +/- 3.
  4. 19hole

    Don't use the club without a weight in it. Not only will be non-conforming is will not work as designed.

    Swingweight is actually very important. The proper swingweight for your swing will allow the club to work properly. If it is to heavy, a player may have trouble retuning the club to the proper position at impact or the clubhead speed could slow down as a result of not being able to move the heavier feeling clubhead as fast as a lower swingweight club. If it is to light, a player may swing to quickly and have less feel for the clubhead. Swingweight is the last step a good fitter will take to be sure that the club is built properly for the player.

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