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Average time for new clubs to come?

Grayson K

Just got fitted for the 716 Ap2s on Friday the 11th. Am currently on the east coast so I was wondering if anyone knew about how long it takes for them to come in from Titleist?

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  1. Scott S

    Several players at our club in Indiana received them in as little as 8 days following ordering. I ordered T-MB's and they took longer to get here. (3 weeks)
    They were all ordered from our club pro following our demo day...
    Your going to love them when you get them....
  2. Chuck Z

    Usually ten working days from the west coast to east coast if nothing is on back order. Can always check with the shop where you ordered your irons and they can give you an approximate delivery date after about a week. You know, sometimes they get there earlier and I know the waiting is a killer. Am waiting on my new 917D2.
  3. Grayson K

    That's about what I thought:(. Just super excited for them to come!! Thank you
  4. Ed S

    The want is real! Ordered mine the same time. East coast as well. I'd almost rather not play at all until the new ones come versus my now inferior set.
  5. Amanda S

    Am waiting on same clubs, the club pro, said on Saturday he'd place the order so hopefully soon, I see an email from him saying there shipped and he charged my c.c., well that part can wait, haha.
  6. Ed S

    Grayson & Amanda - so my pro here in NJ placed the order Thurs 5/11. My woods arrived today 5/19. My AP2's are in transit and scheduled to arrive on Tuesday 5/23. Needless to say I am very impressed with the quick build time I have experienced.

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