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Clarificaton on draw vs fade CG weights

Steve N

I just want to verify that the CG weights should be put in to fight your miss. Therefore, if your miss is a pull hook, a CG Fade bias would be applicable. Similarly, if your miss is a slice, a CG Draw bias would be applicable.

Is this correct?

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  1. Chuck Z

    I would go see a teaching pro and work on getting rid of the pull hook and the slice. If the miss is occasional, making the change to the club could cause issues with your good shots. Just an opinion.
  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Steve, The CG weights are for fine tuning your draw or fade by moving the weighting from heel to toe and front to back. Changing the gram weight also allows for swingweight customization so you can customize how heavy or light the head feels. As you have noted, it can also be used to help correct a miss.

    The wonderful thing about these weights is that you can try them in both positions to see which optimizes ball flight for you. It may surprise you which works best.
  3. Josh A

    Personally, I use the weights to help with where my miss is on the face, not necessarily what my miss is directionally. For example, my miss hits tend to be out towards the toe, so I put the weights in the fade position for both my 917D3 and 917F3 in order to help limit the amount of draw/hook that occurs from a toe strike due to the gear effect. My results with the fade weight have been very good so far.
  4. Kyle J

    Just my thought to answer your question, but I always look at the setup as if I hit the ball straight, what would I want to do fade or draw. So if you decide you want to draw the ball you would add the draw weight to promote draw spin. I think you could use the weights to cancel a miss but I don't think that was the initial intention of Titleist.
  5. The Dom

    I think Cathi hit it on the head. I have a 917 D2 and F2 and have tried different weights combinations. I tend to draw the ball, especially with my F2 . I am currently playing the 12g draw weight in my F2, which has resulted in some surprising results. I tried to use the weights to correct a miss, however, recently I have had more success playing the draw weight rather than fade weight.

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