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Fujikura 661 and 917f2

Gideon Y

I currently swing a 915d3 with a Fujikura pro 63 ts. I really like the feel of it and was offered a new and uncut speeder 661. I was thinking about putting it on my new 917f3. I understand that I should have swung it and got fitted for it before buying but I simply didn't have that option at the time.

What are your thoughts on this combo and thoughts on tipping? Fujikura tends to tell people that they shouldn't tip their shafts but since it's going in a few, I thought it might work better tipped. Thoughts? Thanks all!

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  1. Chuck Z

    I would give this some consideration and talk to a fitter about this. You are going to a much lighter shaft that is designed for a driver. I have the Tour Pro 64 (70grams) in my new 917D2 and the Rogue Maxx which is 76grams and I went with the recommendation of the fitter. The Fujikura Speeder shaft that is standard stock for the 917f3 is a 86gram shaft. I would think about it. Just one opinion. No opinion on tipping.

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