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New Shaft for older club


Hello all,

I have fallen in love with Titleist woods (metal). I went to Titleist Thursdays this past Fall and was fit for the Titleist 917D2 10.5* driver with the Diamana S+ Blueboard in Regular flex. LOVE IT!

Since then I purchased a 915 F 3 wood (16.5*) with a Redboard R flex, a 915 F 7 wood (21*) Redboard R flex, and an 816 H1 23* hybrid (I put it at 24* to replace my 5 iron) with a Blueboard R flex.

I just switched the shaft out for the 3 wood. LOVE IT ... I put the 70 Blueboard in R flex in it.

My question is should I replace the 7 wood shaft as well? Replace it with the Blueboard 70 in R flex?

When I switched out the Red for the Blue on the 3 wood I saw nearly no difference in ball flight. What I did feel, though, was that the blueboard felt solid through the ball. The redboard, to me, feels a little wobbly through the ball. Don't get me wrong. It still goes straight, but feels wobbly.

If you think it should be ok to swap that one out as well would you put the blueboard in it? Diamana Blue Board S+PLUS 70 x5ct is what is in the others.

I just measured the shaft that is currently in the 7wood. It is 41 3/8".

If not that shaft, which one? Mitsubishi Rayon TENSEI CK Blue 70?

Most all of this gets overwhelming when I start to look at all the numbers.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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  1. Stumpy6653

    70 vs 72 vs???
  2. Stumpy6653

    Also 70 vs 72 ??
  3. Don O

    If you find a demo day, you should be able to try some factory shafts. Depending on launch angle the M+ (red) also has a stiff option. Titleist has too many stock options (the 917 shafts will work in a 915) to guess. Another option is to sell the 915 and get fitted for a 917. The difference will be close to a factory shaft and the 917's have really improved over the 915s.

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