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Driver dilemma...

Tom B

I need some advice!! I got fitted throughout my bag, new 714 AP2's, SM6 wedges, two 816's hybrids and the driver and 3 wood!!

I hit everything great, 5.5 handicap, 94 mph swingspeed, smooth tempo, but hard transition!!

Fitted with 917 D2 w/rogue max x-stiff and here's why, numbers were phenomenal, 12 launch, 2,600 backspin and 15 yards further carry and 23 yards total distance!! But, man it is rigid when I get on the course, drives are high and low right!! I hit my 3 wood just as far as the driver, 245 to 255 after roll, the 917 3 is hot, but crazy my 3 wood is just as far as my driver!!

Well, here's where I might have made my mistake, went to a big box company that focuses only on golf!! We put a sticker on the face of the driver and my contact was on the heel consistently, so he requested that we cut off a half inch off my driver, the rogue max stiff, put a boatload of lead tape on it to get to D2 swingweight, played today and lucky if I hit it 220!! I even put a 16 ounce weight in it and would only get it to C9.5 and I hate lead tape!! Now I have a stiff rogue max at 44" that I can't get to D2 without putting a lot of lead tape on it!!

Very tempted to go back to the x-stiff and try to work with it!!

I have been fitted my one of the best in my area and he requested the x-stiff, but like I said it feels like rebar and everything is right!!

Comments or thoughts would be appreciated!! This is all about shaft IMO, I have the D2 8.5 set at B2 neutral!! And yes I have had lessons!!

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Tom B

    I have to edit my first post, they actually took off an inch of my driver!! Sorry and thanks in advance!!
  2. rob m

    Hi. Where have you been fitted? I would suggest going to a Titleist Thursday event & let them take a look. They have a ton of shafts you can swing. I have a similar swing to yours 89-92 swing speed. You may want to try a little less stiff shaft possibly play with heavier shafts. My fitting placed me in a low to mid launching shaft in a firm flex. I played stiff all the way to regular with driver dispersion's everywhere except the fairway. Since my fitting 10 years ago with the 910 driver the fairway is my home. I now have the 917 D2 9.5 set to C2 & still use the same shaft from 10 years ago!!! Yes ive tried all the new shafts but nothing goes as far & straight as the one from my original fitting. The right fitting shaft means you dont even have to think about it; just pull the trigger & BOOM
  3. rob m

    Also something to think about would be the torque of the shaft. Lower torque shafts feel like rebar.
  4. Benjamin D

    Hi Tom,

    I hate to ask this, but where did you get fit? Have you been to one of the Titleist Thursday events? I've found some of the big box places don't have the same level of knowledge as certified Titleist fitters.

    The first thing that jumps out at me is the X-Stiff and a 94 mph swing speed. I consistently hit my drives 280 and sometimes over 300. I'm still playing a regular stiff driver which is 3/4" short. There are a lot of characteristics of a shaft which are more important than how stiff it is including weight.

    If it were me, I would get a second opinion from a different fitter. The shaft is EVERYTHING!
  5. Tom B

    Thanks Rob and Benjamin for the responses. My fitter is at a country club who is very experienced that did an awesome job, except for the driver and the extra stiff because we were trying to get the spin down even with a 8.5 D2 head!!

    I then went to an Austads and that is where we put the sticker on the face and was hitting the heel creating excessive spin with the rogue max stiff shaft, so he proceeded to cut the inch off the butt end, now the swingweight is way off without of course lead tape!!

    There is a demo day on June 3rd close to me that I am going to attend!! You might be onto something Rob about maybe going up to a heavier shaft which would be 76 ounces compared to the 67 ounce I have now!! My original fitter even mentioned that since I have the 76 gram stiff shaft in my 3 wood and it is long, I love it for tight par 4's and par 5's with the second shot, that it might be a good fit for my driver to keep the spin down!!

    I am going to check it out since Titleist will have the Trackman and a bunch of shafts to try out!! Thanks again for the responses!! Have a great Memorial Day weekend and thanks to all our veterans who have served!! Tom
  6. Allen L

    Tom I'd say that another fitting would be wise as others have suggested. For me the most important product of the fitting is the review of the TrackMan charts that helps make a good choice based on results, and most of all going home with a high level of confidence. As Benjamin noted, the shaft is everything. Good luck.

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