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New Irons Recommendations

Taylor B

I have just gotten back into playing on a regular basis after about a 12 year hiatus since college. Back when I was playing a lot in college I was using Titleist DCI 990 irons in a stiff flex, and could play them pretty well.

Now that I have gotten back in to playing more again, I have found those irons very difficult to play and very harsh feeling on miss hits.

I decided I want to buy a more current set of irons that are more forgiving than my old 990's.

What model irons would you suggest that try transitioning to and being fitted for?

My current handicap is 18.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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  1. APhillip

    AP 1 is the way to go for an overall outstanding iron. I would say that as your handicap gets lower that you would look to transition into a forged club such as the AP2 or MB. But for now the AP1 will really help you enjoy the game again.
  2. Barry B

    Work with a certified Titleist fitter and you'll be able to try the very irons to see which performs the best for you, especially since you can try multiple shafts with the heads.
  3. Brian F

    I just purchased the AP1 716 irons, and they are very forgiving and long. I was fitted for and tried the AP2's but just felt more comfortable standing over the AP1's. So far I love the AP1's! Good luck in your search and start with a fitting.
  4. JKannard


    If you could hit the 990s I wouldn't even mess around with the 1s. Regardless of your current 18 handicap.
  5. Benjamin D

    In my opinion... if you can have more forgiveness why not take it? At least once or twice during your round you will not hit the ball flush in the center of the club face. Why be penalized for that? With the new AP1's your mis-hits are only marginally penalized. I've had mine for about 18 months and never looked back. They look and feel amazing!

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