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AP 714 to CB 716


Went for a fitting today. Current in the bag ... D2 915, F3 915, H2 915, AP2 714, SM5 wedges. Played with the AP2 just over a year now. Did well, handicap dropped from 7 to 5. But was never really happy with the AP2's in looks and feel.

Today I tried the D2 917, F2 917, H3 917, CB 716, SM6 Wedges. Decided to go with the CB's. Man they feel good and look even better behind the bal. I felt just so much more confident with these, unlike the AP2's. I started playing golf back then with blades so maybe most of it is the 6" between the ears .....

Driver was much of a muchnes.... but since I hit the new 3 wood and the hybrid so much better I decided to also get the full set of 917 wood. Will be keeping my " old" Adila shaft except for on the hybrid, 0.5" shorter now.

Wedges ..........., well seeing as I was spoiling myself I decided I might as well.

Now waiting for the build to be done to my specs on the full set and then to be delivered.

Cannot wait ..............

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