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917 shaft selection


Hi. I'm Jerry Reece. For years, I've played Titleist clubs / balls. Recently bought a new 917 driver - previously always played stiff shafts (Diamana was like a board to me), but got a 60 gram regular flex, Diamana this time. It is my understanding that the Diamana shafts are not quite as stiff as before (whatever that means.....sorry for my ignorance on the subject).

Having difficulty consistantly controlling it (left/right), and the ball flight is a little too low, but is quite boring thru the air. So far just using the Neutral weight, with the hozel set in the A1 Standard position. I have experimented a little with the hozel, but the Standard seems the best.

My most normal flight is a slight draw, but a hook is becoming more pronounced.

I'm wondering if I made a mistake by going to the more flexible shaft - I am a single digit player and have a swing speed just over 100.

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  1. Kevin B

    The best thing to do is go get fitted. Try one of the Titleist Thursdays to get fit for a shaft for your driver and the proper weighting
  2. chris M

    As Kevin has stated the best thing to do is get fitted as the fitter will be able to dial everything in as close as possible get the desired flight/shape and most importantly distance and dispersion.
  3. Benjamin D

    Titleist Thursday's are FREE. Find one in your area. They will let you know for sure.
  4. masamitsu

    Echo what Kevin said. Get fitted by an expert.
  5. Gary L

    This is the same shaft I got fitted for. Current shaft is 75 grams.anxious to try lighter and more flexible shaft
  6. Chuck Z

    The 917s have a tendency to hit the ball lower. Might increase the loft and see what happens. I was fitted at a Titleist Thursday fitting and am still tweaking with my numbers once I put it in play. It takes a while to break in any new club.

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