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Titleist 913D2 and 915D2 Drivers


I have used a 913D2 Driver with a 50G Bassara shaft with a lot of success. The club has a lot of jump off the face. I tried the shaft in the 915D2 head and there was no jump off the face. It seemed dead to me. Do I need a shaft that was made especially for the 915 technology ? Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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  1. Don O

    For me, the 915 didn't offer enough difference to give up the 913. The 917 has more pop, and more forgiveness so more mishits can find the fairway.
  2. Steve N

    I had the same experience wht this shaft and the 915! It was a great shaft in my 910, incredible feel and good distance/trajectory. In the 915, it didn't have any feel. ... clunky. I am going to try it in the 917.

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