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Golf balls used when being fitted

Gary L

When I got fitted for wedges and driver last week,the golf balls were used for fitting were regular yellow range balls.Are the regular yellow range balls, when used for the driver,give accurate data when the track man is used? How accurate is the spinrate and brothers had equivalent fitting elsewhere, they used titleist balls in their total fitting.

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  1. Dwayne N

    When I was fit for my woods and driver they did the same thing. And I have always wondered the same thing when fitted for my irons they used titleist balls. I feel that some of the fitters might be cutting corners on what Titleist is requiring and advertising.
  2. Samuel C

    Where did you get fitted for your wedges and driver? Was it at a Titleist event or....?
  3. Benjamin D

    Tagging along! I've wondered the same thing. When I got fit for my irons I hit ProV's. The driver fitting was with range balls. I'm very happy with my driver performance... but curious about how this effects fittings.
  4. Guy O

    I just had the second of two iron fittings for AP1s. The first was with the pro with their fitting cart. The second was at our demo day with the Titleist "Rep". I was a little underwhelmed with both fittings to be honest. Both were done with range balls. I got different results from each. I went with the "Rep's" suggestions, although it was essentially what I decided felt better. I never did get a chance to be on the TracMan even though it was there. We'll see...
  5. Chuck Z

    Used range balls to warm up, but when it came to the fitting, used Provs and the trackman. Going back tomorrow to tweak my driver and fairway. Our Product Specialist/Fitter in this area is the best.
  6. Viktor S

    Isked my pro the same question during one of my lessons. His answer was that the trackman settings was set to Prov1 or "premium ball" so it didnt matter what ball we used.
  7. Allen L

    My first time on TrackMan I asked the operator a lot of questions. This was not a fitting session, I had recently purchased my 714MBs and wanted to check my numbers and more importantly wanted to see what a Trackman session was like.
    I was hitting your usual variety of range balls. Some new, some old. I told the operator that I hit Pro V1x and sometimes NXTs.

    According to the operator, the ball you hit for TrackMan doesn't matter. It takes in readings at moment of impact and calculates everything from that. The printout that I got that day showed the results for a premium golf ball. The numbers were pretty accurate compared to my on course shots that I sometimes measure with GPS. What I saw that day at the session for ball flights were typical of crappy range balls, not the same as what I usually see on the course.

    I have always taken what this fellow told me as accurate based on my theory that golf shots are a millisecond of a mistake showing up a couple seconds later down the fairway.

    Going next Thursday to a Titleist fitting in PA. May upgrade from 915 to 917, and I want to replace my Vokey's. I'll have to ask more questions about balls and Trackman.
  8. Joseph M

    Some fitters will use the regular range balls cause that's all that they have to work with unless they are at a sponsored event. Now some programs i.e. trackman or flightscope actually have settings to convert the range ball numbers to the ball of your choice. When I did my last fitting on trackman we set it to ProV1X and it converted the spin rate. So if I were you I would ask to see what the settings were to make sure that you get the right numbers.
  9. Dwayne N

    Really good stuff here didn't realize some of the capabilities of the trackman. But I know that once I got home after fitting and started hitting my prov's everything changed ball flight and feel especially and by watching ball flight I'm sure launch angle and spin differ from the range ball. I am happy with my driver and woods but wonder if I left a tad on the table.
  10. Tim D

    When I was fitted at the Oceanside Titleist institute I had my choice of Pro V1 regular And X's

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