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Best shafts

Jacob H

I am getting ready to get my shafts to extra stiff due to my 134mph swing speed and I need help finding the best shafts for my 915 driver and 3 wood, then my 816 hybrid. I want to get the best shafts but I need to stay as cheap as possible.

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  1. Barry B

    Sounds like you and your fitter should be working on this. Advice from the majority of us will simply be a guess, but your fitter knows your swing and can recommend the correct shafts for you.
  2. Don O

    Since you added "as cheap as possible", I'd really suggest working with a fitter. The wrong shaft will be a $200 mistake. Consider a fitting to be a $75 insurance policy.
  3. 19hole

    Sounds like you are focused on long drive events. At a driver head speed of 134 MPH your ball speed is close to 200 MPH. These are number not seen on Tour!

    There are a number of shafts that are very specific to long drive competitions and there are fitters that are also specialists in doing fittings for those guys. This is where to start. I would bet that you next shaft will not be cheap as the more exotic shafts that you will be looking at start near $300 and go up from there.
  4. Kevin B

    my swing speed is around 110...... x shafts are for me
  5. Rex S

    134 mph sounds a little high. Anyway if you are looking for a less expensive shaft then check out the Graffaloy Blue series x flex. They sell for around 80 dollars each. Ask Henrik Stenson how he likes his.
  6. APhillip

    Best bet is to go to a Titleist fitter and go through the process. Not a sexy answer but one that is going to leave nothing to chance.

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