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Off center ball marks on the clubface

Brad J

I recently was fit for a set of 716 AP2's. They are s300 shafts +1/2".

I'm now consistently seeing all of the ball marks high and halfway in towards the heel on the face.

Is this a sign of needing to adjust the lie angle or am I just making an awful move at the ball?

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  1. Joseph M

    I would say that the first thing you need to do is check your lie angle. When you went for your fitting you should have had your lie angle checked especially if you are going to be adjusting the length of the shafts cause that will automatically effect strike point. Luckily the AP2's are a forged head so they can be adjusted in the shop right there and you wont have to send them back. Now if the lie is good and then you are still making those off center hits then I would say look at the swing.
  2. Jeremy B

    Hi Brad, I am not a professional by any means, but I was having the same issue as you, just opposite. I was seeing all my ball marks high and a little toey. FOR ME, I made a slight adjustment in my stance. I stood just a hair closer to the ball and that's all it took. Maybe try standing a hair back and that might be all it takes. As they say golfs a game of inches.. Hope this'll help you.
  3. Brad J

    Thanks for the suggestions gentlemen. I'll take a look at all of those things on the range this evening.

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