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Driver fitting

Todd S

For the fitters out there! After talking with the Titleist rep and seeing my trackman numbers again. I was wondering what works out better most often to get the optimun launch and spin. High loft head lower launch shaft or lower loft head with higher lanuch shaft? I realize every one is different but there must be something to this. Thanks.

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  1. Robert L

    Low loft, low launch/spin...
  2. 19hole

    Launch is primarily determined by loft. You them match the shaft to spin, carry and feel.
  3. Tom B

    I was experimenting myself with both. Started out with a 9.5 and Diamana whiteboard 70 shaft. That's pretty much a low launch shaft, but I had it in my 913. Moved it up to effectively be near 11 deg with the adjustments, and then tried 10.5 and moved that up a little less. Was doing pretty good with these, or so I thought, but went to the fitting and looked at those numbers and ended up with the best numbers, and best ball flight, spin etc. with the rep putting me in a higher launching shaft and staying with the 9.5. That's we these guys are the best. Got it a day later, been using it all week, with victories in the 1st couple rounds of Club Champ. (senior div. so far), and can't say enough about how good this club is.

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