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917 the Best! My fitting this week

Tom B

Titleist Fitters? These guys are GOOD! Came to my Club last week. Outstanding To cover a few different discussions on fitting, here's how mine went. I've been test driving the 917D2 for a month now with different heads and different shafts, and different settings. I was doing pretty good, with a 9.5 deg with a Diamana white 70 stiff shaft. But with all the tweaking, what worked best for me was the 9.5 adjusted to an A3, which meant that not only a draw, but effectively making it 11 deg. So went on the Trackman with the Titleist tech. It was not bad, just not real good. He watched and put me into a slightly lighter, mid launch shaft, and the numbers, the ball flight, the feel, spot on. With the help and watchful eye of our outstanding Titleist pro, I was set. The Pro did not have that combo in stock, but swapped out with another Club and I had my 917 the next day. Made sure when all was done that I brought the Titleist man down for a sandwich and a drink in the lounge after a long day. By the way--Used in fitting, range balls, in fact limited flight range balls. Fitting results. A+ After using the driver for 27 holes—I believe this is the best feeling, most forgiving, best sounding Titleist driver or any brand driver I’ve had. And I go back to the 975 driver days with Titleist. Driver kept me in play all day today--win first round of Club Champ Seniors. Thanks again to my Titleist guys-- Bryan, Dave, and Greg.

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  1. APhillip

    Could not agree more, great group of guys and congrats on getting dialed in correctly. Enjoy

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