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Ap2 xp95 regular


I got fitted for my irons but wanted a slightly higher ball flight so I was told the xp95 shafts were giving me this but feel I have lost some distance with them can this shaft be to light for me or is it due to them being a forged iron

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  1. Gary D

    When you were fitted for irons, what shaft did the club fitter recommend ? That may be part of your problem. A too high trajectory can cost you distance.
  2. Don O

    If you switched from an AP1 to the AP2, you may very well lose distance. The plus side is feel and more workability. I would have thought you started your fitting with your old irons, and should have seen the differences with the AP2 with the xp95 shaft for comparison. You can have your fitter recheck the results with the shipped irons.
  3. Doug F

    I would get with your Titleist Certified Fitter to see if you can play a few rounds with a set with a slightly heavier shaft. I was fitted with the XP 95 R300 in my AP2 irons and eventually changed to the XP 105 S300

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