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Shaft Selection

Daniel O

I am thinking of buying a new set of AP2 irons. At this time I am playing MP-H5 irons with Orochi 70G regular shafts. I have enjoyed these clubs but find them a little "clunky" and like the look of the more traditional AP2's, plus I don't feel the shaft allows my swing speed to achieve maximum distance. My swing sped with a 7 iron is just over 65 MPH and the distance is probably between 135 to 140 yards. I play to a 13.5 handicap.

I use a Titeist 913D2 driver (9.5 set on D3) with a Bassars 50 HI shaft which works well. I also play Titeist Voky wedges with S200 shafts.

I am looking to find out what graphic shaft would allow me to maximum enjoyment. I am 72 years old in excellent condition.

Thanks in advance for you thoughts,


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  1. Leslie V

    This sounds like a great opportunity to get fit. I did at one of the Titleist Thursdays, and they answered all of my questions, and provided a lot of info!
  2. harry h

    I too went to a cert. fitter who was very truefull (as I too over 70 golfer) fit my irons to lite senior shaft.took out some long irons instead hybrid and took out driver stronger three wood for tee and fairway many more greens and fairways shafts are non Graf.
  3. pulplvr

    I, too, am now 72. I initially bought the 712 AP2's in December 2011 with Dynalite Gold XP R300 shafts, for which I was fitted. When I upgraded to the 716 AP2's in October of 2015, I was fit for Nippon Pro 950GH stiff shafts (by the same fitter, by the way). It is always best to get fitted and find the correct shaft for you, be it steel or graphite. The fitter will have a variety to try and will work with you to come up with the proper pairing of head and shaft.

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