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How Does A Club Fitting Work?

Scott Golightly

I'm interested in getting my clubs custom fit to myself. I've always bought standard club sets with a stiff flex, and any differences from my previous set I rectify by tweaking my swing. I haven't struggled too significantly to make this system work for me, but what are the benefits of having my clubs fit to me? What is the process generally, and does the fitter actually bend or reshape my clubs?

Pardon the rookie question, just have no experience with the process. Thank you!

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  1. chris M

    Truth be told there are both pros and cons:

    How will your swing be on the day? Will you swing at your natural pace or will it quicken as you try to impress the fitter? The fitter himself is he expertly trained or is he someone who works in a store that has an agenda on which club will make them the most profit?

    However if you manage to replicate your normal swing and are fitted by the correct person then it is an invaluable experience. You will probably pick up distance and almost certainly achieve greater dispersion levels.

    Whats the harm in giving it a try
  2. Don O

    You pointed out the first reason to get fit - you tweak your swing. A second reason to get fit, that with any of the multiple no-upcharge shafts, a custom set from Titleist will have the same per club price as off the rack. Titleist is not a mass merchandiser. Flex descriptions are not scientific. A good fitter will maximize your shot attack for launch, landing, and dispersion. Even if 2 shafts are designated stiff, with different kick points, the shots will differ. Once the shaft, length, loft, and lie have been determined, the order goes to Titleist where each set is individually prepared to those specs. You can also mix/match between the various heads (AP1, AP2, etc.) along with Vokey wedges, hybrids and fairways to match your needs for your bag. Order as many or few clubs as you want. Specified correctly, your fitter shouldn't need to adjust your set and that could jeopardize your warranty if they did. It's not like buying a 3-PW and having the loft bent in the store. Your set will be delivered the same as if you were Adam Scott.
  3. Allen L

    I'll add that a Titleist fitting is just a fun experience. There is no commitment to buy anything. The fitter will give you a brief overview of what he/she will do and keep you informed as the fitting goes along. Go there with your everyday swing, and any time you hit a shot you're not proud of, tell him and he will discard the shot. Its an objective look at what you have and where some improvements could be found.

    Here's a brief idea of how the process works based on my Titleist Thursday experience for driver and wedges. The fitter analyzed my bag, asked about my game and where I wanted to improve. He asked about my goals for the fitting, in my case I thought that I needed a higher launch with the driver, and the wedges I had I bought one at a time and needed reviewed. We reviewed briefly my working with a pro. Then I hit some balls with current clubs using TrackMan to show the fitter some numbers to work with.

    For the driver, the fitter started a club/shaft tryout, hitting more balls under TrackMan. The fitter then gave me a best choice for best results based on a numbers comparison between current clubs and a new driver. I could see shot dispersion, spin rates, distances, and other comparisons between current and proposed changes. I could see how a new 915 would improve my game from the tee.

    For the wedges the fitter noted that my SM5's were worn, something I hadn't noticed. The drill for wedges was a little different. The fitter asked me after a few shots if I was a picker and I confessed that I am because hitting down is hard on my wrists because through the summer my everyday course has hard clay under the grass. So he worked with me and my picking with the wedges. The SM6 numbers were a significant improvement.

    My fitter made club change recommendations and the reasoning for the changes.
    He gave me an accurate estimate of the cost. I liked what I saw and made the upgrade.

    So after two weeks with a new 915 driver and SM6 wedges I'm real happy with the results so far. Drives are straighter and higher, getting me to my target much better. I'm still trying to fine tune my yardages with the wedges, things are going very well, the 50 and 60 degree wedges are competing for favorite club in the bag.

    A fun experience at the fitting and even more fun on course. Hope this helped some. I should also note that I am a senior and struggling with the aging process.

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