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Interchanging fairway and driver shafts on my 917 D2

Dennis H

I'm having trouble hitting the center of the face consistently on my 917 D2 Driver and am thinking about going to a 43" shaft. Thought if the fairway would fit it might be a "easy" solution to try.

What would you suggest?


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  1. Andy K

    I'm pretty sure they will not swap. i know the 913 3 wood shaft wont fit in the 915 driver head.
  2. jsilva

    I wouldn't do it ive done it and it's not a quick fix and the tips are different sizes and youll lose a bunch of distance and have to put a heavier weight in the head just keep practicing eventually u will find the center of the face more
  3. Gaaary

    Hi Dennis,
    Tha fairway shaft won't fit into the driver because of different adapters and also the fairway shaft would be tipped, length cut off the bottom of shaft !
    Try getting a club builder or pro to take your grip off Driver Shaft and take 1" from top of Shaft and replacing grip.
  4. Jerry Wood

    Some companies call that a mini driver.
    Hate to admit that my wife bought me one.
    It is a 12 degree head with a fairway shaft.
    Love it and sometimes also hit it off the deck.
    Go with it.
  5. Dennis H

    Thanks guys for your response. I have an old shaft from the 910 days that fit the 917 so I am going to have it cut and give it a try. Thanks this suggestion Gaaary!
    I appreciate all of your comments!
  6. Don O

    Most fitting carts have shafts shorter than 45 inches. Test the shorter shafts before going all the way to 43. Most pros are in the 44-44.25 range. Jimmy Walker was experimenting with something under 44 inches. I know the longest stock drivers from other OEMs are 45.75 to 46 and feel like broom handles to even a 45. And, driver, fairway, and hybrid shafts not interchangeable between club type after the 910 series due to adapter changes.
  7. Dennis H

    After reading all of your comments, I scheduled another Titleist Thursday fitting for last Thursday. The Titleist rep was Brian Eilders. He worked with me on my 917 D2 Driver using Trackman. He changed the settings a number of times, added a heavier weight to 14 grams draw from neutral and all of a sudden I could feel the club head at the top and again at impact and started hitting the ball solid again. I was so happy with the results, I ended up buying a 917 F2 fairway wood that Brian fitted me too. If any of you have a chance to work with Brian, DO IT! He will be up in the Lake Tahoe/Truckee area this summer.

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