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re-shaft from steel to graphite


Is it possible to replace Dynalite XP (stiff) shafts with Graphite (stiff) and not change the original characteristics of the irons? I'm trying to go to a lighter feel.

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  1. Gary D

    I've tried that, and gone back to steel shafts. I got the lighter feel with graphite but the torque is much higher so the shaft was a little more "whippy", hence less control. I managed to get what I wanted, a lighter feel, with a light weight steel shaft. True Temper and Nippon make @90gram shafts that work well.
  2. Barry B

    Might be a challenge to get the same swing weight with the graphite as you had with the steel shaft. You might want to consider working with a fitter to get everything set up correctly.
  3. Chuck Z

    Definitely go see a fitter.
  4. No'l

    Hi Garypga,

    Other than seeing a fitter, which is a great recommendation, have you heard of the NS Pro Zelos7 and Zelos8? Anyway, they are light like graphite but has a closer relative torque (2.6 on 7, and 2.2 on 8) stiff flex. The weight is 7.75 on Zelos7 and 8.75 on Zelos8.

    I went through the same thing you are in. I have a Zelos7 on my 716 CB and loving it. Although I'll be looking to upgrade, I will be sure to have the same model shafts on it in near future.

    Good luck with the search.

  5. Darron K

    Yup, I would see a Certified Titleist fitter. That way you can try an array of graphite shafts and see what feels and performs the way you want.

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