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Kuro Kage 65 G iron Shafts

Scott D

My local Titleist Rep. told me to send a message to Ms. Cathi D. for the correct answer to my question. Currently, was custom fitted for the Titleist 716 AP1 with the Kuro Kage 65G Stiff 4-PW. Gap and sand wedges have the 65 G R flex. I quote "just love these shafts and my wallet loves the clubs as well, should have the clubs paid for in no time."

I tend to plan ahead, trying to find the Kuro Kage 65 G R flex 4-PW for the future.

My question: Does Titleist use Parallel tips or tapered tips in their shafts assembly. All I can find on-line are the tapered tips.

Sincerely yours, Scott Dion

4 Replies

  1. Wickham S

    0.355 taper
  2. Rufus M

    Hi Scott. Titleist shafts are tapered tipped. Hope that answers your question.
  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Scott, The guys are right, we use .355 taper tipped shafts for all our iron heads.
  4. Scott D

    Thanks Titleist team for your answers. Now I can order the Kuro Kage in reg shafts for future use.

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