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Kuro Kage Shafts 714 vs 716


Hi Is there a difference between the Kuro Kage Reg graphite shafts in the 714 AP1 irons and those in the 716 AP1s?

They are the same weight (and R Flex) according to the printing on the shaft.

On the 714 shafts, "Low Balance Iron" is printed on the side. On the 716s, it says "Low Balance Constant Mass"

Would there be a difference in height and/or spin between those two shafts?

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  1. Don O

    Since Titleist uses commercial shafts and not "By Titleist" shafts, as the shafts evolve, they get in use by Titleist. There is some evolution in the quality, but I wouldn't bother updating just this shaft in the 714s. The newer shaft still fits into the matrix at the same role as the 714 version. Comparing a 716 to a 714 will not highlight the shaft nearly as much and the head changes (moving weight, adjusting loft, thinner face, etc.)

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