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Titleist Thursday's Surprise Result

Darryl M

I went to my Titleist Thursday last week, didn't really expect a lot due to I got fitted last year for my current Titleist clubs 716 AP1's & 915D2 9.5 Driver, 816 Hybrids & 915 FW. what I did learn was my clubs still fit me correctly BUT I need to get my driver spin rate up (which explains the dying drives I have been seeing lately)

Brian explained that my spin is too low at times on my driver,(irons were just fine) so we tried shafts & different lofts to get it up higher. But we learned it's more of swing issue than it is a shaft or loft issue. We tried the 917D2 with a 10.5 loft, different shafts and once in awhile I would get spin around 2200-2700, but even then I still had more carry with my current 915D2 with a my Diamana 60 Blue Label Regular shaft. With both drivers sometimes that spin rate got down to 1300-1700 yet my launch angle was 13-16 degrees. I also at times had a +9 angle of attack so swinging up wasn't an issue.

So what I learned was very valuable: 1. I didn't need new equipment 2. I have some swing issues I wasn't aware of.

So now I'm playing with ball position, takeaway and posture to help increase better ball striking and spin rate on my driver. I have already seen spin increase now between 1850-3100 I would have never even thought about it if I had not gone to a Titleist Thursday.

Just goes to show you might have hidden issues going on even though your contact might seem ok. This also shows why a person should be fitted for their clubs & have their swing checked once in awhile to be sure it's still in a good place.

Brian did tell me to check out the new 718's when they come out we might be able to upgrade my 716's at that time.

Thank You Titleist for being there for the average golfers in the world & making the best equipment in the game of golf..... I Couldn't be happier playing the game now.

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  1. Don O

    Doubtful if you had gone to a retail outlet that their fitting personnel would have focused on you and not new equipment. Especially if there was an extra rebate with one of the other OEMs. Why would you ever look anywhere else when you know customer satisfaction is important for a company that doesn't live by planned obsolescence.
  2. Darryl M

    I agree 100% Don
  3. Speedy

    Have to agree with Don 100% on his statement about going to a retail outlet.. I will NEVER get fitted again at a retail outlet. Thanks for sharing Darryl and best of luck with working on the swing...

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