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Swing weight question

Mattias R


Today I am playing 712 AP2 with a project X 5.5 shaft that are built by titleist with the standard swing weight of D2.

I am now considering to get the new 716 AP2 with either the Aerotech Steelfiber i95CW STIFF or the recoil Prototype 95 F4.

If I order any of the 2 shafts, will you be able to build them to the standard D2 swing weight as you are doing with the normal steel shafts?

Thank you for making so great golf clubs!

Warmest Regards

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Mattias, If you build a set of 716 AP2 irons with Aerotech i95 S flex shafts at standard length, with a stock grip at standard wraps, it will build about 2-3 swingweights light. The Recoil 95 will build about 1 swingweight light. You can add a grip such as a Muli compound and it will add one swingweight so on the Recoils, we can easily get to D2 when using that grip and using standard heads. On the Aerotechs, we would probably need to use a heavier head to get to D2. Either way, your pro will need to request that swingweight when placing the order.

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