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I am currently looking to purchase a 917d2 and wanted some advice on shaft selection and degree of head to keep it close to my current set up. Also, does 917d2 launch lower than 915d2? I currently set my 9.5 degree to D4 which is 10.25 or should I just get the 10.5 degree.

Current setup: 915d2 9.5 degree set at D4 Oban Devotion 7 04

I know I should do fitting but cant do it for a couple of months and want to purchase now.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Barry B

    Rather relying on the masses to give you their advice, set up a fitting with a Titleist fitter to get the answers you are looking for. Look for a Titleist Thursday event in your area and set up an appointment.
  2. r

    Barry B - I realize it is best to get fitted but as my post said I cannot for a couple of months due to work and school commitments. That is the reason why I came to Titleist website to ask the question.

    Any other thoughts would be appreciated
  3. Don O

    So many have had so many dramatic changes from their 913/915 when fitted for a 917, that trying to guess you may miss your optimal setup by 20 yards, Possibly both for dispersion and distance. With 50+ shaft options in an average of 2 flexes and 4 heads with 3 ways to use the weight supplied, Titleist has over 1200 ways to fit all of us. Why guess? I'd wait until I could - nothing worse than spending $400+ and only equal or less performance than your current setup. Don't get me wrong - I love my 917 and the 20+ yards and tighter dispension - but I only got it going through the process with a different shaft, flex, and head loft from my 913 setup.
  4. Barry B

    So, two good resources available for shafts are the Custom Options Booklet and the Shaft Performance Guide. Neither replaces the expertise of working with a fitter, but since you aren't able to do that at this time, these will help you with your decision. You can access them by selecting the 917D2 option and scrolling down the page. I have included the links are below.

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