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KBS Tour Shafts vs S-300 XP90


Anyone care to weigh in on this. I was recently fitted for 716 TMB irons with a KBS Tour Shaft stiff flex. I just got an opportunity to buy a set from a guy I know who played one round with them and wants to sell them at a crazy discount. They have the S-300 XP90 shafts. My question is how much difference is there between these two shafts?

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  1. Barry B

    Biggest difference will be weight and ball flight. The XP90 shafts are lighter (97gms vs 120gms) and should fly higher (mid launch vs low-mid launch).
  2. Don O

    If you look in the custom order book online, the KBS is a mid-launch, and the XP-90 is a mid high launch. Can your fitter let you compare - the XP-90 should be a stock shaft in the cart? Won't help if the XP-90 balloons.

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