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Titleist Thursday a must do


Went for a Titleist Thursday driver and hybrid fitting. Great experience as I got to tweak a few settings on the my 917 D3 driver for maximum performance, which I was previously fit for. Looking forward to going back when the new 818 Hybrids are available. Thank you Titleist for being so dedicated to customer service and focusing on great products and not just marketing hype.

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    I need to check them out. Do they normally have trackmans on thursday?

    Not going to buy anything without know my numbers.

  2. ALaufer

    Yes, they had trackman. Used Pro V1 balls, which also made the whole process for me a true represention of how the different settings, shafts and heads worked best for my swing. I would not buy another club without going through this process. For Titleist to do this at no cost, is an awesome commitment to allow us to really see how great their equipment is and really dial it in for you as an individual. Thank You Again Team Titleist.

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