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Pls Recommend New Iron Shaft for 981


Now, 86 yrs old; reasonably good shape, former zero handicap in college, then to 3 to 5 until 48, moved to grafite and have lost distance over years. Really like the 981 irons purchased in 2010...what shaft do you recommend to provide good ball height and increasing distance.

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  1. Don O

    The 981s were 10 years old when you got them. A fitter might start at the KK 65 g in R or A flex for you. Without knowing your game, you might also do will with some of the new light weight 90-100 gram steel shafts. You might want to look at updating your used set with a set of AP1s, With the tungsten inserts and more modern shafts, they will be much easier to launch than any shaft in the 981. Even the 712/714 versions would be easier to hit. Good luck and keep on rocking. I'm hoping I can still swing a club at 86.
  2. Todd S

    I agree with Don. Look at the ap1 and have a fitter help with the shaft selection.
  3. harry h

    Yes I too hope to swing at 86 I went to a fitter and was surprised my options a far as flex and iron and hybrid selections we had so yes let a fitter help you

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