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Junior Clubs

Justin G

My seven year old son is at the point with his game where he needs more of a complete set than the 5 club junior sets offered at stores. He has the cally XJ Hot (5-8) set now, and a rag-tag mix of US Kids Golf clubs to complete the set... the issue being the sizes vary too much because at the junior level, the lengths of the clubs vary so much and it is difficult to put together a complete set all of the appropriate length.

I've gone to my local Golf Galaxy willing to buy pre-owned graphite shaft clubs for adults, and have them cut down for him, but they said it would cause mis-hits and be a bad idea for his game (I'm open to opinions on this also).

Does Titleist offer any sort of junior fitting that would be good for him? Obviously at 7 (just turned 7), he will be growing, so I am fine with getting the clubs a little longer than would be appropriate for his height so get can grow into them and get a year or two use out of them.

He's 47 inches tall.

Thanks for any help or guidance!

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  1. Dr. Kovatchian

    US Kids Golf is going to be your best bet.
    The clubs are manufactured to fit kids. You can look on their site for deals and put together a pretty good set. Try out their Tour Series line...more advanced design for the better junior player. Also look at Flynn Golf...they can build custom junior clubs to meet your desired specs...I have purchases shafts from them to build clubs for my 8 yr old.

    Good Luck!
    Dr. K
  2. Justin G

    Thanks - that's sort of where I'm leaning, but figured I would check here also. Part of the fun for kids is playing the clubs/brands your favorites pros hit!

    The USKG has a tour series just a tad longer than what he needs, but I think taking just an inch or two off the graphite shafts there won't hurt...right?
  3. Deno

    I found swoosh Junior golf clubs to be far better than US Kids. After a season, US Ks club faces were so pitted and deteriorated. Not good enough to pass on to another young player in the family.
    The swoosh's were good as new. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Dr. Kovatchian

    You are dealing with growing juniors.
    It's been my experience that kids need the lightest clubs to build up proper swing mechanics and swing speed. My son has a 12 degree Cobra Driver and 24* Hybrid with Flynn Golf Junior Shafts...he loves playing what Rickey plays but his main set is Sale Rack US Kids tour series...We usually buy the previous seasons model.

    The Cobra Bio Cell and Hybrid are real easy to upgrade as your junior grows.
    The shaft adapter is simple and's our plan to use the same head and upgrade the shafts as he grows.

    Here is a video of my son hitting his US kids 6 you can tell there is a little room for him to grow into the club. My son is just a little over 48" tall and these are the Tour Series 51".

    Dr. K
  5. Dr. Kovatchian


    Did you have the Tour Series Line or the basic US Kids Line?
    The Tour Series Irons are made really well.

    Dr. K
  6. Chuck Z

    Swoosh (swoosh) is out of the club manufacturing business........
  7. Chuck Z

    Swoosh (swoosh) is out of the club manufacturing business........have you tried having him fitted at a Titleist Junior Fitting location....

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