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Driver Fitting

Adrian M

My golf club managed to get Titleist to provide a day of club fitting for the members. Tim the Titleist pro proved to be extremely knowledgeable and I have now taken delivery of two woods and a hybrid. The specifications were not what I expected but the resultant improvement in distance and direction is brilliant. Thanks to Tim and Titleist

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    What did u get? What did expect vs. what you were fit for?
  2. Joe D


    What did u get? What did expect vs. what you were fit for?

    Yeah what he said.
  3. Adrian M

    I went expecting the diamana blue with a10.5 degree head. I was fitted for a diamana red with a9.5 degree head. My pro explained that I am a swinger of the club and the red shaft helps create the speed need to project the ball, where as the blue requires a harder hitting action.
    On an average drive I am now getting 30 to 40 yards extra compared to my old TM's.
    The fairways and hybrid have the same shaft and give me greater distance and accuracy.
    The complete set up is 917D2, 917F2 and 19 degree 816h1. This set up removed the need for a 5 wood which means I can explore the gap in my wedges
  4. Charles R

    Can't wait Adrian. Hope to change out my TM sldr driver,3 wood and hybrid for the titleist 917D2,3 wood and hybrid after the 1eat of the year ! Congrats to you !

    Fantastic results! I have that on the horizon to get fit at the Carlsbad location for a new bag. Currently playing 716AP2 and 913 woods and hybrids with Vokey wedges and Scotty Bullseye putter.
  6. Dennis H

    A couple of months ago, I was having a difficult time with my 917 D2 driver that I got in October to replace my 913 D2. At the suggestion of someone on team Titleist, I scheduled a fitting session with a Titleist Rep. He watched my swing and results on Trackman, made some setting adjustments and added a 14gram weight to replace the 12gram weight and all of a sudden, I could feel the head at the top as well as through the swing and started hitting solid drives again. My index has dropped by 4.5 strokes in a month. BTW, I also picked up a 917 F2, that I also love!! Those Titleist reps are great.
  7. Adrian M

    That's great Dennis, having a fitting is worth it, I didn't get chance to try my new clubs out before the Saturday medal but shot 3 under and my handicap was cut. Can't wait for the next competition
  8. Adrian M

    Charles, you should notice a massive improvement as the TM sldr can be difficult to use. Good luck and enjoy the fitting

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