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Firstime fitting

Matt R

I play an old set of 710 ap2's I bought off eBay. I've been thinking about a change and headed to a local fitter in the U.K. What an awesome experience, heading back to get sorted for fairway metal and driver then the fun part of ordering begins. Have read for a while how important getting fit is and wish I'd done it sooner!

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  1. Barry B

    It's amazing how much difference there is between "off the rack" and "fitted" clubs. Playing with a set of clubs built for you is such a confidence booster. Best of luck as you complete the fitting process and start ordering your new clubs!
  2. Deno

    Good luck there Matt!
  3. Rob_Roth1

    Yeah fitting is often overlooked but is very important.

    I feel you should be fitted for everything including the putter!
  4. Chuck Z

    Cheers. You will enjoy golf more with clubs made to your swing.
  5. Matt R

    It was insane. Firstly found out my clubs are 0.5 inch shorter. First change to a std length saw a 6yrd increase with a 7 iron. Change of shaft added another 7yrds. And a further tweak got the flight and dispersion dialled in. Might just hold off till I can sample the 718's.

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