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How can I get fitted correctly?


Tried out with Club Champion, local shops, Titleist Thursday at a local golf course lastly attended a different TM fitting.

But to be honest I couldn't really get myself dialed in by those fitters on exactly what length, shaft, stiffness, weight and all those that are suitable for me.

I am 5'10 180lbs with a handicap of 18. With a driver I hit both hook and slice evenly. My total distance is around 230yds with a spin of 2000s. My club speed is depending on my condition and day between 90-100mph and I tend to hit lower spins than optimal. Lastly I tend to hit upwards (a sweeper). I currently own (I didn't choose them, my dad's coach just recommended these) the following:

910d2 9.5 regular 65g 910f 15 regular 75g 910h 19 regular 80g 712 AP2 3i-PW (2147) regular ns pro 950 SM4 52-08, 54-08, 56-11, 60-08 default stiff

So how can I find the best Titleist product for me? 

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  1. Speedy

    Are you from the Northeast area? Head to Manchester Lane... Nuff said.. It's pricey but hands down THE BEST FITTING experience you'll get and worth every penny.. I've done local shop, Titleist Thursday's but the Lane blows them all away.. Can't say enough about the place AND the staff..
  2. Don O

    Are you saying you are inconsistent with your swing, so much so that even a Titleist Thursday couldn't dial you in? Sounds like you might need to work on a consistent swing and (as Arnold would say) own it. While it was Oceanside, I was fitted along side a TT member with a club head speed of close to 100 and a single digit handicap. Myself - under 90 and a 20 handicap. Both of us were highly satisfied. For sure, we have 2 different lofts and way different shafts (even though both are Stiff flex). You mention the hook and slice at the same time. That's my worst case scenario swing fault, but I can eliminate when it rears it's ugly head. The adjustibility on the driver helps, but the fix is with me. I'm not sure that I've found the correct description, but the effect for "Early Extension" on the TPI website is similar. Most fitters will either suggest minor changes during a fitting or recommend seeing a professional if the fitting is not going well. Manchester and Oceanside fittings are world-class but can only so much for inconsistent swings.

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