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Driver Shaft


My driver flight is too high and i feel like i lose a lot of distance off the tee. Even in firm fairways, my golf ball will pitch in the fairway without any roll. I changed over to the Prov 1 because of the "penetrating flight" but it didn't make a difference. Can you please recommend a shaft that would allow my driver to roll out once hit the ground.


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  1. Darron K

    First I would see someone and get Trackman numbers to find out the characteristics of your swing then go from there.
  2. Rob_Roth1

    There are tons of low spinning shafts but we really need to understand your driver numbers to provide a recco.

    Do you know your launch and spin numbers? Can you get them?

    Trackman would be your best bet
  3. Don O

    The short and best answer will be to find a fitter. A solution may as simple setting the loft lower on a 910-917 driver, a small change in swing, or a new head loft and/or shaft replacement. I would consider a $75 fitting an insurance policy on getting the correct $200 shaft the first time - if that is the best solution. Depending on what version head, it could even be a better investment to get a whole driver that will likely waive the fitting fee, allow you to sell the old one and not be great deal more - net - than a new shaft.
  4. david s

    I have the same problem, went to a Titleist Thursday fitting session and after checking my numbers on Trackman and trying various set up I was recommended a 917 D2 (8.5 degree) SureFit Setting: C-2, with an Aldila Rogue M"AX 65 (Regular)
    This works for me far better flight and consistency, might be worth you going to a Titleist fitting session, they can recommend a set up that suits you, that may be transferable to your 915.
    If you're looking for just a shaft upgrade and are unable to get to a fitter, I can recommend a Grafalloy red shaft, they're designed for stronger swingers, the Grafalloy Red shaft delivers a boring, penetrating trajectory via a stiff-tip, highly stable design. I have one fitted to my 917 F as the Diamana stock shaft was for me uncontrollable, hitting high right and lacking in distance.
    I've also used this shaft over the years in other drivers and 3 woods and it really does help to keep the ball flight low.

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