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909 D2 Driver Head Specs


Hi TT,

Looking for tech spec info on older 909 D2 club head. I cracked the sole on my driver head the other day. It was a no name titanium head that had lasted about 18 months. Since there is only about 10-12 weeks left in the season here in Canada, I opted to grab a used club from the internet. I picked up a 909 D2, and wish to re-shaft it with a Fujikura Speeder Evolution 565 shaft in 'stiff'. Looking for a D3/D4 swing weight when I'm done. Length will be 45", shaft weighs 60g, and the grip 46.5g. Obviously I'll need the head weight to plug into the formula. A little help please? Thanks!

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    I don't think you're going to find headweight anywhere. You're going to have to take it to a fitter do measure that.

    Here are the specs I found:
  2. Barry B

    Your "finished" specs should put you in the D2 - D3 range. Once you pull the existing shaft, go to the post office they can weigh the head. They may balk a little, but if you ask nicely they'll do it.

    Maybe Cathi can help with the head weight also.
  3. John T

    Post office is a good idea, never thought of that lol

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