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Need Surefit adjustment help

Copie D

I recently bought a 915D2 driver and have experimented with the surefit settings, but I fear I have done it wrong. I set it back to the A1 setting and now have a terrible slice which is not my normal shot shape at all. In order to hit the ball straight I have to obviously close the clubface at address. If I leave it square I go right to further right. Any ideas?

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  1. John T

    This is from a Titleist Clubfitters guide:

    "Understanding how face angle plays a role in the SureFit Tour Hosel can really help golfers if they are having directional issues with their driver or metals. For example…

    If you are hitting a Slice:

    Your setting would 100% be A3. In this scenario, it is vital that you simply sole the club, and then take your grip. DO NOT SQUARE THE FACE because then you are taking your closed face angle and draw biased club out of the equation. In the A3 setting the face angle is 1.5* closed and the lie angle is 1.5* upright, which will furthermore help to effectively close the face at impact and eliminate your slice."

    I forget where I obtained that, but hope this helps!

  2. Rob_Roth1

    This is for the 915 version:

    The guide itself can be found here:
  3. Barry B

    Was the SureFit adapter set to A1 when your purchased the driver? If you bought it new off the rack it would have been set to A1. If it was used, it may well have been set to something other than A1. If you like the launch height then try setting the adapter to B2 first and if you're still slicing, go to A2. Worst case scenario...set it at A3.

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