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3 wood shafts


How do the free custom shafts options compare to the 917 F2 Mitsubishi Diamana LTD Blue 70 I have just tested, what other custom option shafts should I consider for a low/mid or mid trajectory please? Handicap is 19.

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  1. Rob_Roth1

  2. JFreeman


    My recommendation would be based on performance, if you go to a Titleist fitter they will take you through the shaft options and Fit the club for you. that way you'll be able to see if there any performance advantages of different shafts.

    I use a 915 3wood with the Diamana 70 Blue shaft, I also use a fujikura TS shaft for my 917D2, I was fitted for the driver but bought the 3wood off the shelf just over a year ago.

    Both shafts are good but the confidence I have in the ball flight I achieve from my driver is much greater than my 3wood, I wouldn't put this down to just the shaft but the overall set up, there are so many ways a titleist fitter can adapt the club/shaft/grip to you and your swing.
  3. Rob_Roth1

    This should give you all the information you're looking for.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Mike H

    On the Titleist website for the fairway woods they have a custom shaft book link which will take to their offerings of all free and uncharged products scroll through the book and you should be able to see what other shafts are similar. There is also a shaft performance guide interactive chart you can look at which is more fun to use but will give you the same items.

    It looks like your best bets for no upcjarge would be Aldila tour green 75, Aldila RIP phenom 70, Fujikura Speeder Pro 74 ts, or Aldila Rogue black 70
  5. Don O

    Quoting Mike H - "It looks like your best bets for no upcharge would be Aldila tour green 75, Aldila RIP phenom 70, Fujikura Speeder Pro 74 ts, or Aldila Rogue black 70". But they do have different characteristics, and most will either be in stock or you can Titleist to loan them to your local fitter. Don't just buy one for the sexy name, no matter how much Rogue beats S+ LTD for appeal.
  6. Chuck Z

    You should see a fitter regarding the right combination. I hit the standard speeder and the standard black rogue. Ended up with the standard Aldila Rogue Max 75. Awesome combination and long. Seeing a fitter was the right step.
  7. PStart

    Hi guys, thanks for all the good advice.
    I've booked myself in to A1 American Golf to trial the various mentioned shafts with the 917 F2. I'll pick the one that feels and hits best for what I envisage my 3 wood should do. The standard shart felt good so hopefully one of the others will feel a little better and be an obvious choice.
    Thanks again.
  8. Randy W

    I play a 917 F2 with an Aldila Tour Green 75. I also have the stock MRC Blue 70 Ltd. as well.
    I've been a fan of the Aldila NV series, and had a 906 F 3W with an NV 75 that was a favorite club. My swing is a medium to quick tempo with a late release. I like how the Tour Green loads over the Blue Ltd. The Aldila shaft feels stiffer in the butt section of the shaft, but softer in the middle in comparison.
    Best thing is to go to your local Titleist fitting center and try some different shafts before you buy. Best of luck
    Randy W.

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