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Diamana 60 Lite Shaft

Tim R

Can you help me understand the basic characteristics of this shaft? I am getting fit soon for a 917 f2 18 degree and demoed the Diamana 60 Lite. Is this shaft clubhead speed related? My speed is 88-91 mph. I am 63 yrs old and a 6 handicap...looking for high launch. I currently play a 917 D2 10.5 driver with Diamana 50 Ct regular. Shouls I have the same shaft in my 5 wood?


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  1. Don O

    Diamana supplies multiple shafts. The primary ones are LTD White, LTD Blue, and LTD Red. The Red (formerly designated M/M+) is the highest launching shaft. The 60 g comes in A/R/S flex shafts. I previously used the Blue (S/S+) in R flex but for 917 (F2-18 degree) I was fit in the Red in Stiff flex (in my case, the same as my 917 D2). The flex was based on how I load the shaft in transition, not on my speed (just under your speed). If you go under clubs - fairways and open the link on the Custom Options, you can see the comparison of characteristics. The LTD Red is with the other highest launching shafts.

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