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Tpi oceanside

Gary L

Found out today that I'm scheduled for an iron fitting later this month. Really excited.over the years my swing has shortened,irons feel heavier to swing on the back nine, distance lost. Curious what can be recommended to help regain some distance with shaft technology. would like to stay with ap2s,but curious what the ap3s are like.played forged irons all my life.curious,are the ap3s a cast or forged iron?

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  1. Brian D

    Gary, good for you for setting up a fitting....Certainly the right thing to do in my opinion. I have been fit a few different times, all down at Manchester Lane by Karen Gray. Best thing I could have ever done and so lucky to have someone as great as Karen get me fit properly.

    I am sure you are very excited, I hear the Oceanside facility is just beautiful, so you will certainly have to let us all know how it works out for you. Take some pics if you can and let us know what you were fit for.

    All the best,
  2. Don O

    Your fitting may be too early to see the AP3. But 10 minutes with the guys at Oceanside (if you get Dino, tell'm I sent you...) will be far better advice than 30 (or 300) responses from all of us that haven't seen you in action. Fair game to ask as many questions as you want about what is working and why the CB or T-MB is/is not a good fit for you. At the end, try not to over-ride their recommendation.
  3. Joe D

    Good luck at the fitting.
  4. Tim D

    I had my iron fitting at Oceanside complex and it was a fabulous experience.
  5. Rob_Roth1

    Fitting is great and keep an open mind regarding shaft and flex. Have you ever been fit before?
  6. Tom P

    The staff at Oceanside is fantastic. Their knowledge and equipment place them at the top of their profession. Trust their fitting recommendations and your game will definitely improve. After the experience, you "only" need to play and practice. No more second thoughts about having the proper equipment. And have fun!
  7. Todd T

    Echo what Rob said... Keep and open mind, enjoy the tour and you may even run into a Pro being fitted!

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