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Driver shaft fitting


Hi there, 2 years ago I was fitted with a 915 D2 10.5 on a range day, 1 year ago I was refitted for a 915 D3 9.5 at St Ives fitting center.

I love my 915 to bits, however recently I've noticed & felt a decline in the big dig, distance & performace.

3 years ago I underwent major knee surgery (ACL/MCL/LCL, cartridge, basically only stopping short of a complete new knee. Now almost 3 years on, my knee is stronger, my movement much improved, strength power & speed have returned.

Today I used a launch monitor with my current shaft & a selection from a surefit selection, once again it would seem I require a refit having seen massive gains on ball speed swing speed, reducing my spin, launch angle & adding 25 yards to my carry distance............ all by using a stiff shaft.

As I said I love my 915 & am not in a position to upgrade to a 917, however I would love the opportunity to be "shaft fitted" for my 915 by a Titleist fitter.

Is this a option? Or would I only be able to be fitted for the 917

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  1. Don O

    The available (917) shafts will fit into a 915, so they can do a fitting with your head. If you need to pay $50-75 for a fitting and pay $200 (possibly more) for a shaft, it may be cost-effective to buy the 917, waive the fitting fee, and resell the 915, either as a PGA trade or sell on e-Bay. The last time I did this, my net cost was under $100. You can get the current trade-in value before the fitting and an estimate on a couple of shafts.

    I have the stiff shaft in play this weekend on my home course, excited to see the results (hoping to swing well) distance & accuracy will be good to compare.

    Will email my fitter early next week & discuss the best way forward, if a stock shaft can add that much just changing from R to S then in the Trackman suite I imagine there will be bigger advantages to be had........
    Just pleased my knee has been able to return to its former glory

  3. Rob_Roth1

    Paying the fitting fee and maybe find a deal on the shaft you want on ebay or golfwrx.

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